March 12, 2012

Updates About My Cancelled Trip :)

As a lot of people know, I cancelled my trip to New Orleans, which also meant that I wouldn't be able to make it to Mobile, Pensacola, and Biloxi.

I planned the trip because of the amount of people in the area that said they would work with me when I was there. When I contacted those people once I worked out the dates, 1 person replied to me. Only 1. So... yeah... I can't continue forward with a trip without enough shoots planned to even cover my gas.

I do have a long list of names and places for people who want to work with me when I am in their area. If you had me add your name to my list, please respond to me when I contact you about my trip to your area. Even if it's a message saying "Right now doesn't work for me, but let me know next time you are in the area." If you don't think you can respond to me, please let me know to remove your name from my list.

Anyway, when I announced that I was cancelling my trip, many people expressed that they were sorry about it. I appreciate that, but I wasn't sorry I had to cancel. I saved myself from potentially losing hundreds of dollars on the gas and hotel accommodations. Cancelling it also gave me the opportunity to actually enjoy my first real vacation in 5 years and go to the beach with my boyfriend, kitty, and good friend who was on leave from the marines. :) We had a wonderful time at the beach. I will be posting lots of pictures here.

So, I am still in Florida, and will be here for a couple of months until my trip up the East Coast. I don't have any specifics set yet, but if you are anywhere between Gainesville, Florida, and New Hampshire and would like to shoot, please let me know. :)

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