March 12, 2012

My shoot with Richard Swift went wonderfully. He is a great photographer, and made me feel very comfortable.

Nothing incredibly eventful happened at the shoot. Although, I personally think that's a good thing, because, to be honest, when big things happen at shoots it's usually bad. We shot first in my awesome shoes with this beautiful red pvc corset. Did some somewhat simple shots, and then moved onto nude-work.

It was a bit cold, since we were shooting in his garage, I have to admit. But it was nothing too terrible. I mean, we were shooting in the morning on December. :P It could have been A LOT worse.

Anyway, I had a great time working with Richard, and I look forward to working with him again on my next trip to Atlanta. :)

You can check out all of the photos from this shoot on my TumblrFlickr, and DeviantArt. :)

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