March 22, 2012


Yes! I finally sat down and figured out when and where I'd be for my trip up the East Coast this summer! :)
Yay! (If you can't tell, this makes me incredibly excited.)

So, here are the dates and places:

May 3-5: Atlanta, Georgia
May 6-7: Knoxville, Tennessee
May 8-11: Cincinnati, Ohio
May 12-15: Akron, Ohio (will also be available in Canton and Cleveland)
May 16-19: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
May 20-21: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
May 22-25: Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 26-27: Newark, New Jersey
May 28-30: Hartford, Connecticut
May 31-June 2: Springfield, Massachusetts
June 3-6: Boston, Massachusetts
June 7-9: Manchester, New Hampshire
June 10: Providence, Rhode Island
June 11-12: New Haven, Connecticut
June 13-18: New York, New York
June 19-22: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 23-25: Baltimore, Maryland
June 26-27: Washington DC
June 28-30: Richmond, Virginia
July 1-2: Raleigh, North Carolina
July 3-4: Charlotte, North Carolina
July 5-6: Charleston, South Carolina 

If you're in these areas and want to work with me, let me know!
If you're in these areas and have already let me know, I will be contacting you shortly! :)

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