December 14, 2011

Trekkie Fantasy

Yay! Part 2 of my Halloween Extravaganza! :)
So, for my second costume of the Halloween week, I wore this. It was sent to me by an awesome fan for a custom set. I had been waiting until my hair was a natural color to do the set (which took way too long), so it took a little bit, but I finally got it done. :)

I'm really happy with how it came out. I honestly wasn't sure. I knew how I wanted the backdrop and how I wanted  the lighting and such, but I still didn't have a super clear picture in my head of how it would come out.

I'm very happy to say that it came out exactly how I had envisioned it and I love it. :)
This set was interesting to shoot because before we could even think about taking a picture, we had to cover the wall with newspaper. I thought it would be a quick thing, and we could just jump in to shooting the set.
But, no.
Apparently covering a small corner with newpaper takes like 1.5hrs... :P
Anyway, you can enjoy the set on here, OR you can purchase it directly from me here.

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