December 14, 2011

Searching For Her Cheshire Cat

Anyone that knows me know that Halloween is my favorite holiday, and that I don't just celebrate on October 31st, but I celebrate for an entire week leading up to Halloween and on The Day Of The Dead. So, if you see me anytime that week, I'll probably be in some kind of costume. :)
Because  I love the holiday so much, this year I decided to do a photoset for each costume, plus 1 extra for this awesome blood bag body wash that a fan sent me.
So, I've been calling it my Halloween Extravaganza, and will be doing a total of 10 sets for the season!
It's taking a while to get them all edited and published, but they will eventually get all done.
"Searching For Her Cheshire Cat" is the first photo set from this awesome photo set series!
In this series I dressed up as Alice and wander around the forest to find my own Cheshire cat.
Pissed Off Pistol Photography did an amazing job at creating the Cheshire Cat for this set. It's like the cat from my head seriously jumped into the pictures, and I couldn't be happier with it!
You can check out the full set on here, or you can purchase the set for yourself here.

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