July 01, 2011

You can now buy prints from me directly!

Want an awesome print, but don't feel like having to go through voting on Zivity to get it, or any other way? You can now easily go to my ETSY shop and purchase one directly from me. :) Click here to check it out!

There aren't many prints uploaded onto there yet, but I will be adding more very soon! Custom picture requests and size requests will be taken, just let me know what YOU want by contacting me via email at model.chelsea.christian@gmail.com.

See a shot you want, but it's not listed? Let me know!

All images photographed by Pissed Off Pistol Photography are available.
Pictures taken by another photographer may take a little longer to list because I will have to ask them about it first. Because of this, not all images will be available for purchase as a print from me, and the prices will vary. But, if I am not able to sell you a print of it, I will be able to put you in contact with the person that can!

So go buy beautiful prints and request custom ones!
Help me pay my rent! :)
- Chelsea

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