June 12, 2011

Cali Trip update!

So, the work part of my Cali trip is over, and I seriously have pictures from shoots piling up in my harddrive from shoots out here and shoots just before I left Florida. The next 10ish days will be visiting family and relaxing! :)

Unfortunately there's not really internet access available to me consistantly enough to upload any pictures, so you will all have to wait until I get back to Florida, and can do nothing but wrap up in blankets on my bed and have my kitty help me upload stuff. :)

I promise it will be worth the wait. I've done 36 shoots in 23 days (I had more scheduled, but last minute cancellations and some flakey photographers brought my count of shoots down) and worked with 56 different people (11 of them I worked with multiple times), so there are crazy amounts of pictures waiting to be uploaded and edited! :)

- Chelsea

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