June 01, 2011

Back in SF for 10 days only!

So, I've made it back to the San Francisco Bay Area from the SoCal shooting adventure part of my trip! I'll only be here until the 10th, so book me now while you still can!

My current availability to shoot in and around the Bay Area:
June 2 (all day)
June 3 (1pm-later)
June 4 (3pm-later)
June 6 (all day)
June 7 (8am-5pm)
June 9 (2pm-later)
June 10 (8am-3pm)

If you're interested in booking a shoot with me, please send a message to me via ModelMayhem (http://www.modelmayhem.com/1630037) or email (model.chelsea.christian@gmail.com)

- Chelsea

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