February 04, 2011


So, it was brought to my attention that someone has been taking images off of my DeviantArt and creating a gallery on a popular website where porn can be uploaded and viewed by the public for free.
I know they were taken from my DeviantArt because they show the file name and it looks like this "title_by_mordsithcara". There is also another image on there that can only be found on the photographer's ModelMayhem profile, and you can only view it if you have an account.

This seriously bothers me for multiple reasons:
- It shows great disrespect to me as a model. I have decided to upload nude images of myself here because I am proud of my work and the art that I am part of creating, and you as the viewer are not obligated to pay to view these images. I had someone tell me that they knew a model that stopped posting nude images of herself on free sites once she had her profile on Zivity (a paid membership based site). I have never considered doing that until today. If this happens again I will seriously consider launching a site where you are required to pay to view the nude images.
- It shows great disrespect to the photographers. Nearly all of the images are ones that were taken at photoshoots of mine. The photographer holds the copyright to these images, and they are not allowed to be published elsewhere without permission of the photographer. Generally people don't make a big fuss about this. I have no problem if someone adds an image of me to a photography or inspiration blog, or uses it as basis for traditional art, but porn is out of the question. The gallery has been flagged for copyright infringement, as it is in the site's Terms & Agreements that the person uploading the images has permission to upload them.
- The images that were not taken professionally were taken by me when I was under 18. This is a problem, not because I am nude in them, but because it does not allow images of subjects under 18.

As I said, the gallery has been flagged for copyright infringement. Going through the person that uploaded the gallery, I saw that they have uploaded other copyrighted images of other models, so I have sent a message to the website admin about the user as well.

Seriously, if I have to deal with this again, I will launch a paysite or something because I take this as a personal insult.

If I ever find out who it was that uploaded the images, I will come after you in court.


  1. Really? Its the internet...what did you expect to happen? Taking nude pictures of your under 18 self is a dumb thing to have done and really you are just paying for that mistake. If you don't want this to happen just don't post them on the internet, no matter what you do it'll happen. Or do you like the attention to much?

  2. Wow. You're an idiot.
    The problem with the images where I'm under 18 isn't because I'm nude. I'm fully clothed. As I said, the problem is that they are on a porn site, and that the site does not allow images of subjects under 18. There aren't any pictures of me nude while underage.

  3. Love how that commenter chose to remain anonymous...
    Dude, if you have something to say, don't hide behind the mask of the internet. Not to mention, as Chelsea pointed out already, you clearly have a problem with reading comprehension. Sounds to me like your brain is just quick to mold other people's stories into a reflection of your own personal drama. Reeks of projection if you ask me...

  4. Hey, its Sword. Yeah this is BS. You should totally do something about the Deviant Art thing. Also, Is it possible to block anybody from downloading your pictures? I would HATE it if you put your pictures on a pay site. I absolutely love your pictures and I'd hate to miss your newest works of art! :(

  5. What an ass Anonymous is. He/she is the reason I won't let Anonymous comments on my account. If your going to be negative then at least be a man/woman and let the blogger know who you are.
    It's to bad there wasn't a function where if someone tried to right clock on your photo and save it the photo wouldn't save.
    You could always start a private picture blog where only people you invite can see your nudes. Then at least you know if will only be people you trust viewing it.
    Anyway I hope you fix your problem and it all works out.

    ~Jess XXOO~