September 08, 2012

69 Shoots in 63 Days: A Recap of My East Coast Tour!

This post has been a long time coming. I returned home a couple months ago, but right after I got home my grandmother's health took a turn for the worse and I became completely focused on that for about a month until she passed away. We were very very close, so I've been mourning and understandably distracted. But I think it's about time I wrote this! :)

As most of you know, for over 2 months this summer I could be found travelling all over the East Coast. It was quite an adventure, and I had such a great time. Most cities we landed in were places I had never been before, and some (like NYC) were places that hold a place in my heart. I made some amazing friends along the way and was able to see other friends again! I had soooo many shoots and, even though a small percentage of shoots were...uhhh...less than enjoyale, I loved working with those I met with along the way! I got to work with most people for the first time, shoot again with others, and work with some people that I've admired their work for years!

Let me sum up the trip a little:
 - 63 Days
 - 69 Shoots
 - 132 People I worked with
 - 14 States, 20 Cities
 - 5827+ Miles driven (minimum)
 - 117hrs, 43mins Spent driving (minimum)
 - 4 Car repairs
 - 4 Publications
 - 17 Sets published on Zivity (13 shot during the trip)
 - 2691 Pictures I have from shoots (so far) 

This trip was a phenomenal success and I really cannot thank the people that helped make it happen enough!

This is a list of the main people I worked with on the trip that I want to extend my thanks to, but this is definitely not everyone I should list, there were many hosts, secondary photographers, assistants, studio owners, artists, makeup artists and hair stylists I never got the name for, and many others that I thank as well. :)

I really cannot thank everyone I encountered on this trip enough. There were good times, there were truly epic times, there were stressful times, and there were confusing times, but I will cherish all of them. :)

Please check out all of the pictures that I took on the trip here: Album

I'll be posting pictures that my bf took on the trip also, and I'll post pictures from shoots on the trip soon as well! I can't wait to share everything with all of you. 

And thank you to all of you that have been supporting me as friends and fans and anything else. I love getting your feedback and interacting with you. You guys are so great! I wish I could take you all out and buy you a drink. Unfortunately I don't have the money for that, or know of a bar big enough, but I really wish I could do more to thank you for your support.


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