February 19, 2012

Using My Work As A Reference and My Trip To Ft Lauderdale!

I get asked at least once a day by people interested in using my work as a reference for their own art. I think this is great and have no problem with it most of the time. In fact, I even have reposted some of it to promote those that do it. However, please keep these things in mind:
  • ALWAYS ask me before you do anything based on my work. Yesterday I found two images that used my work as reference that I didn't know about. Luckily they were using two images that were available to be used as a reference, however if they weren't I would have had to have them be removed. Not all of my images are available to be used, hence why I need people to ask first. I would hate for someone to do a lot of work and then have to have it removed. That would just suck. Also, it's all about respecting the copyright holders.
  • ALWAYS credit me and the photographer whenever you post it. Most people credit me and link to my profile, but without the photographer, they image wouldn't even exist. So I think they should get some credit for it also. :)
  • ALWAYS send me a link to the final image. I like to repost people's work of me and link to their profile to promote them. I also just like to see how the final product came out.
My short trip to Ft Lauderdale went wonderfully. I had 3 great shoots, and I can't wait to see how the pictures came out and shot them to you! I even bought my kitty with me on the trip, and she loved it. :) (Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. :P)
So, unfortunately all trips must come to an end. :( Today I'm making the long drive back home, but I would love it if you would ask me questions (via this link) so I don't get bored! You can ask me absolutely anything, and I answer all of the questions! :)

<3 Chelsea

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