February 22, 2012

Shoot with Steve Spharler

I shot with Steve back in December, and I had a great time shooting with him! 

We shot in his house and his wife and puppies were there, and everyone was amazing. I just felt very comfortable and I felt like the shoot flowed really really well.

We did a bunch of different things, starting with just shooting in a pair of jeans. It's weird because I know pretty much everyone has shot a topless girl in only jeans, and I've done it on more than a few occasions, but I never think the images look "cliche". It's just a very classic look to me. (Not to mention super comfy!)

I also got to wear blue lipstick that matched my hair. I always love the look of blue lipstick. :) I've been unable to find a good quality, not costume-y, actual blue lipstick, so what I do is put gloss on my lips and put eyeshadow on top of the gloss. It looks great and stays  for a long time. However I would like to get some actual lipstick, lol. I've seen a great one from Lime Crime that I need to pick up, and  one other place that I can't even remember the name. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know! :)

Then we did some art nudes on their beautiful wooden floor. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: I absolutely love posing on hard wood floors (fake or real, I don't care). If they have been taken care of, the warm tones that come out in images look amazing on their own, look wonderful against pretty much anyone's skin. (I say "pretty much" because I haven't seen an image that it didn't work with someone's skin, but I'm sure someone would be like "NO! LOOK AT THIS ONE!" if I said "all", lol.) And even if they haven't been taken care of, the juxtaposition of the scratches on the floor against skin is beautiful and adds character.
The we added some lovely white cloth to it so make them a bit softer.

After that I got to shoot with him in these crazy tall stripper heels that a fan sent me. I always enjoy shooting in them, and have worked on not falling, so now I only almost fall in shoots like once. :P 
What can I say? I just love a great set of heels.

Then we traveled to this garage that he works at and finished out the shoot with some  nudes in there. Against the cement block wall, I think the image I received is beautiful! And yes, my body makes all kinds of weird shapes like the one shown in the picture naturally. :)

Anyway, I would definitely recommend him if you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area. He's a great person to shoot with.

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