February 15, 2012

Shoot with Foxharvard

I shot with foxharvard for the first time last December, and it was an awesome shoot. We'd been talking for about a year about scheduling a shoot, and finally we did!

I had such a great time working with him and his beautiful girlfriend, Michelle. And, I got to play with his awesome kitties!

We shot for about 2 hours and did a bunch of different shots.

We started out by shooting in this beautiful white tank-top that an awesome fan sent to me and some cute navy-blue boy-shorts and on Fox's beautiful leather couch. It is seriously one of the most comfy and beautiful couches I've ever seen. After that we shot some in his kitchen, although those shots didn't come out. Then we moved out to his gorgeous dining room table and did come shots where I got to do awesome victory curls in my hair and use a coffee mug. Then me and Michelle got to shoot this crazy idea on the bed. It was so much fun because we couldn't stop giggling, and the bubble gum wasn't doing what we needed it to, lol. We finished up with some implied shots and poloroids in his living room and the shoot was done!

After the shoot, he made this amazing pasta dish with garlic bread and wine. Oh so good! Fox is probably the best cook I've ever known. :)

I can't wait to share the pictures from our second shoot together, where my hair was back to blue! :P

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