January 15, 2012

New Zivity Set, New Sets For Purchase, and New Pictures!

Yay! Lots of awesome new things to share with all of you. :) The first thing that I want to share is my new Zivity set: "Sweet Sacrifice".

"Sweet Sacrifice" is the 3rd set from my shoot with Fotomark from my trip to LA this summer. It's also my 50th set on Zivity, and I think it's the perfect set for my 50th! It's a beautiful black and white pin-up/glamour set that features me and this big hat that I found lying around in the studio that we were shooting in.
This was actually the last set that we shot during our shoot. We finished the other ones we had planned and just as I was walking back to the dressing room, I noticed this awesome hat on a rack, and I just had to put it on. Once I did we realized it looked adorable!
So, I arranged my hair, put the hat on, found a dress on the rack that matched the hat, grabbed some shoes, and off we went!
This shoot went pretty quickly, but I love the look and feeling of it, and one of my favorite images of myself definitely came of it. :)
If you are a member of Zivity, you can check it out here. At the moment my sets with with this photographer are set so that only fully-fledged Zivity subscribers are able to see it, so if you have a trial invite, you won't be able to view it, or my other 2 sets with Fotomark.
So,  if you'd like to view the set (which I urge you to do, since I promise it's worth it) and you're not a member of Zivity, it's available to purchase here. Or, you can click the "Buy now" button below. :)

Fotomark and I also have decided to offer our other 2 sets on here also! You can check out our first set "Purple Haze" on Zivity here, and you can check out our second set "Vampira" on Zivity here.
They are both also set so that you have to be a fully-fledged Zivity member to view them, so if you'd like to check out the full set, you can purchase them from me here.

In addition to the awesome new Zivity set and new sets available for purchase on my site, I've added a bunch of new awesome pictures to my port on here as well!

I'm so lucky to have worked with so many awesome photographers so far in my career, and every time I get new pictures, it's like Christmas, and I love sharing pictures with all of you. :)
So I've scattered the new images in the rest of this post for all of you to enjoy. I usually will do one big post for each shoot, but these are all individual images I've gotten from past shoots I've already posted images from, so no big blog about each shoot this time. :)

So, in addition to updating with all of these new images and new Zivity sets, I've just had classes start, so that's definitely going to be keeping me busy. I'll be fitting in shoots where I can because when I don't shoot I get all antsy and kind of pissed off at the world, so there will always be awesome new photos coming your way!

There are also awesome plans in the works for fun things. All I can say right now is that I'm talking to 4 different people about being published, but as soon as I can release more info, I definitely will. :)
Also! To all of the amazing people that sent me lingerie when I put out that post asking for it. Thank you so much, and I'm working on all of your custom sets. My terrible case of poison ivy put my a little behind, but I promise I will get them all to you asap. At the end of this month my boyfriend, Pissed Off Pistol Photography, will be upgrading his entire set up so I can guarantee even better custom sets with better lighting, sets, and more pictures! I promise they will be worth the wait. :)

And I'll be sending out the signed prints to the people I promised those to as well. So, you won't have to wait much longer for all of those awesome things.

Want your own awesome custom set?? All you have to do is purchase something from me off my wishlist, and I'll shoot a set for you using or wearing what you sent me! I'm always adding awesome new stuff onto it, and if there's something you'd like to see me in that isn't on there, let me know! Chances are, I'll add it to my list. :)
Anyway, that's all for now. :) I've got to head out to another shoot!
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