December 18, 2011

If someone were to start modeling, how would you suggest they go about that? For example, should you do unpaid shoots first and try and build your portfolio THEN start charging?

Of course. That's the standard practice of how it's done. Trying to charge people without having an established portfolio will get you laughed at. If you don't have a good port first, you're not giving anyone a reason to pay you.

The best way to do it is to hire a couple of photographers (2 or 3) that you really like their style and who already have a great port, and shoot with them for the reason of building up your port. This pretty much guarantees that you will get good pictures to start it, and it will get built up faster.

I can't tell you how many models I see on ModelMayhem that have like 10 shots from 1 or 2 photographers that look boring and they say things like "will only shoot for money" or something like that. Ugh... makes me want to punch them in the face

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