December 04, 2011

I want to say that you wear blue like no one and I like all that makes you special and different <3 ! I support you with all my heart ! Who is your favorite model with whom you work with (if you have one) ? Do you know her in private life?

Thank you! :)

Ummm... I don't know if I have one favorite model that I've worked with, but I definitely have a few.
Hollis Ireland was a lot of fun to work with. We posed really well together and it was really fluid. You can't tell very much in the pictures of the two of us (because it was a blacklight body paint thing, so you can only see the paint), but we looked awesome in all of our poses. I met her at the shoot, but I feel like we've become pretty good friends. Unfortunately she just moved to Philly, but I definitely want to work with her a lot more.
Raven Le Faye was really cool to work with also. She's got bright pink hair and we like a lot of the same kinds of things and are both pretty random, so all of the shoots we've done together were really fun. I love shooting with other colorful models, so it was great. I met her through my boyfriend, who's known her for years, so I met her as a friend and was able to work with her after that. We stayed with her in Oakland, and she travelled with us to LA, so we got to work together a bunch.
I also just worked with this model last night named Michelle who was really awesome. Her boyfriend was the photographer and we had dinner with both of them after the shoot. I could definitely see all of us hanging out again, whether or not shooting is involved. She's adorable and we seriously spent like 30 mins giggling because we were trying to manipulate bubble gum and it just wasn't working. :P

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