October 22, 2011

Do you like Star Wars? Which episode is your favorite?

Fucking love Star Wars. I've been obsessed for longer than I can even remember.

I've got pictures of me lightsaber dueling with my step-brother when I was like 14 years old. In high school I gave lectures to my friend (much to their chagrin) about how lightsabers were made. I've gone as Slave Leia for Halloween for 2 years in a row, and I have to convince myself not to wear it on a regular basis. For 3 years my cell phone ring and text message tone was Star Wars themed, and in middle school I taught my band to play all of the songs from the movies (granted, not orchestrated as well or as complicated). I've arranged the percussion parts for Star Wars songs for wind symphonies and orchestras, as well as written a marimba solo based on Darth Vader's theme. I saw all 3 of the recent films in theaters. I'm dying to do a Star Wars themed shoot. My boyfriend and I use lightsabers to get around our apartment when the power goes out instead of flashlights, and many many other things. :)

I honestly have no idea what episode is my favorite. It really depends on the day, lol

Ever been curious about anything? Just ask!

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  1. You must be excited they're re-releasing the all in 3D in the movie theaters staring next year :)

    I was lucky enough to see the a re-release of the original Trilogy in the 90's. Something that needs to be seen on the big screen!!!!

    ~Jess~ AKA Sci Fi Nerd LOL