March 24, 2011

New shoes!!!!!

My amazing new shoes sent to me by an awesome fan. They are so awesome and I am in love with them! I'll be doing a set in them soon for the Zivity Lingerie contest and for the person that sent them to me.

Remember, if you send me something off my wishlist ( I'll send you a photo set of me wearing/using it! :)

- Chelsea

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  1. Hi Chelsea.....this is Kara (Jess gf). Saw the post topic and had to come over and say "Hi" since we've never really chatted before. I had to tell you those are so HOT!!!!!! I LOVE them. If I have a fetish it shoes. You should see my closet. Jess calls me her little shoe slut LOL.
    Thanks for sharing the pic. They've VERY HOT!!
    Kara XOXOXO