March 02, 2011

More pictures from my shoot with Aaron Bailey

Photographer: Aaron Bailey
Editor: Pissed Off Pistol Photography
Stylist: Krystal Radlinski
Model/MUA: Me

Finally got all of my pictures back from my shoot in September with Aaron Bailey. Actually, I got them two weeks ago, but he hadn't really edited them aside from making the colors look odd, so I had to get permission from him for my boyfriend to finish editing them. I think he did a pretty good job at salvaging them. :)
So, it's been about 6 months from our shoot, and I ended up with 13 total images from the 5 hour shoot. I received 2 images a month after the shoot, 2 images 2.5 months after it, and had to wait 6 months for the remaining 9 images, which he said he didn't really edit.
I find it quite amusing since we had a long conversation where I was complaining about another photographer that was making me wait 6 months for images, and he assured me 100% that he wouldn't make me wait more than a few weeks for my pictures. It was a TF shoot, so actually getting the pictures was a bit important.

Anyway... More:

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