March 22, 2011

Atlanta Trip

This trip went sooooooo awesome, especially when comparing it to the shit that was my trip to Miami.

I did 9 shoots in 3.5 days, and basically went from one side of Georgia to the other. I also got to reconnect with a friend I haven't seen for about 10 years, and we took a trip down memory lane and visited our old neighborhood where I lived until I was 10 and we became best friends.

I got to shoot with Photos by Dennis, dane Darden, Desfolio Photography, CAT Productions, Phanatical Photography, nai168, CSDewitt Photography, LithiumDreamsPhoto, and Syd Padgett, and I got to hang out with Pissed Off Pistol Photography. I'll post individual posts for each shoot on my tumblr. :)

While we were in Atlanta, my newest Zivity set also we live:
If you want to vote for it, you might be in for a treat. Vote 5 times and get your 3 favorite images sent to you. Vote 10 times and you get the whole set sent to you. Check it out. :)

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