January 20, 2011

Shoot with Cafe Selavy

I shot on Monday night with Cafe Selavy in Winter Park.
It was actually a great experience for me, because he shoots with film. The first time I worked with someone that shot with film it wasn't really a good experience, so I had gotten this view that I would hate working with someone who shoots in film. That was not the case with this photographer though.
He is shooting with Poloroid 669 film, and has a unique way of processing the images. Unfortunately Poloroid doesn't make the film anymore, so he only has enough film for 4 more shoots with the film (after mine of course). His project is called "Lonesomeville" and he creates these lonely characters with the models.
While the shoot is very much about the images he gets with the Poloroid film, he also shoots a bit in digital as well, when testing lighting and figuring the set out and poses and such, so I'll have some of both. :)

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