April 27, 2010

JP Photo Concepts

I had a really fun shoot with James Pion of JP Photo Concepts (or Vivo Capture, or Driftwood Images). 
We went out to this abandoned house that was kind of in the middle of nowhere and shot for a few hours. There was soooo much dust on things. I tried to rub through all of the dust on the couch in one spot and couldn't do it. It was like the dust had cemented together. It was impossible to get off of anything. Then, because of all of the dust and things, I ended up being really sick. Too much shit in the air I guess. :P
Anyway, it was worth it. :)

But, it took me 6.5 months to get even one picture back from the shoot. I actually just recently got them (As this is writted in November of 2010, and not April, as it is dated.) 

Photographer/Editor: James Pion (JP Photo Concepts, Vivo Capture, Driftwood Images)
Model/MUA/stylist: Me

Click on these links to check out more of the photos from this set:

Most of the pictures from this shoot we nude, so I can't post them on here, but feel free to check them out on my DeviantArt.

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