September 13, 2010

Aaron Bailey

I had a photo shoot with Krystal Radlinski, part of Verve Studios and Aaron Bailey. We were supposed to start at 7, but apparently her neighborhood was built after Google Maps was finished, so I basically sat at the entrance being incredibly confused until I figured it out. And I would have called her, but I didn't have her cell phone number...and I still have no idea why. 
Anyway, I had a lot of fun with her and Aaron. The whole point of the shoot was that they had gotten some new lights and since she is primarily a wedding photographer and he doesn't mostly architecture out in Haile Plantation, they didn't get a lot of opportunity to have fun with crazy lights and work with models. 
Now, I've worked with Krystal before. I worked with her and her husband, Matt, (the other part of Verve Studios) on a Casablanca Wedding project they did at the Hippodrome Theater in Downtown Gainesville. Which was probably one of the most fun shoots I've ever been a part of and the pictures that came out amazing. Since then I was dying to get a chance to work with them again, and about 2 weeks ago she sent me a facebook message and an email and I got the chance!
This time though we didn't have a huge production team or lots of people, it was just the three of us, which was really nice. We did some nude work and played around with the new lights they had and a smoke machine she had in her garage and my fake blood. (Because everyone loves fake blood. :P)
So, while I got there about 30 minutes late, we were originally only shooting until 9...well, we were all talking and playing with new lights can be complicated and we were just having a good time...I think I ended up getting home around midnight, lol.
Here are the images from Aaron Bailey :)

Photographer/Editor: Aaron Bailey
Wardrobe: Krystal Radlinski
Model/MUA/Stylist: Me


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