August 09, 2010


My first and only shoot with Fa-tog-rap-hir in Keystone Heights, Fl.
Another photographer I won't work with anymore for multiple reasons. He had pretty much no ideas, and me and my escort had to put everything together, and I mean everything. The ideas he wanted to put together looked terrible. Example would be that he wanted to put together a bunch of clothes and socks that didn't match. Yes, I understand that sometimes that works, but this did not. He was also smoking a lot of pot during our shoot. He also invited me and my escort over to hang out and swim and bring any friends we wanted. He made it appear as if he was using model photography as a form of social interaction.

Photographer: Fa-tog-rap-hir
MUA/Stylist/Wardrobe: Me and Shenpsyco
Model/Editor: Me


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