May 25, 2010

Verve Studio

My first photoshoot with a huge production team. I had a blast working with all of the people involved in the shoot. It was actually a fluke that I was able to take part in this.
I saw a casting on MM about a Casablanca-style wedding shoot and sent a message to the person that posted it. They replied saying they already had everyone they needed. I didn't reply until about a week later saying that if they still needed people to fill out the wedding party, that I was more than interested working with them on this project. They sent me an email back saying that one of the main girls they were going to use backed out at the last minute, and that they needed me to fill in. :)

Krystal and Matt Radlinski, the photographers that make up Verve Studio, are some of the coolest people I've ever worked with and I absolutely love working with them. Kara Winslow and Glenda, MUA and stylist, were also great to work with and turned me into a 1920's Cigarette Girl with short, blonde hair.

Photographer/Editor: Verve Studio
MUA: Kara Winslow
Stylist: Hair by Glenda
Wardrobe: Krystal Radlinski
Model: Me

Click these links to check out more pictures from this shoot:

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