August 30, 2009

Hoggetowne Photography

This was the first photoshoot that I ever really got a chance to do with professionals that wasn't me and my best friend hanging out super late at night and having fun with my parent's digital camera. 
I had wanted to pursue modeling when I was a lot younger, but it never really was an option because modeling as a young teen is very competitive and hard to find a legit company that isn't out to scam you and steal like $1000 from you without actually getting you anywhere. So, I gave up on modeling when I was younger before the dream really solidified in my mind, and I started to pursue music.
Sometime when I saw an event on facebook of my friend Kitty, or Casey Robbins, needing models for a photoshoot she was organizing. Kitty is a makeup artist and she was looking to add to her portfolio, and since her parents are professional photographers it was easy for her to organize. She immediately sent me a message back saying she'd like me to be a part of the shoot.
The theme of the shoot was vampires and other horror makeup.
I had an awesome time working with them, and it was the first of a bunch of shoots with Hoggetowne Photography.

Photographer/Editor: Hoggetowne Photography (Earl and Mari Robbins)
Makeup/Stylist: Casey Robbins
Models: Me, Sam Richardson, Ariana  Hazel, Ryan Donaldson

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